Morkann's Revenge

This book discusses "Good over Evil, and that good always prevails. This is the second book of five in the Tom McGuire Series.
The Adventures of Tom McGuire : Morkann's RevengeThe Adventures of Tom McGuire: Morkann's RevengeAll books available on:-

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An Excerpt from 2nd book of The Adventures of Tom McGuire Series ,

Morkann's Revenge The Adventures of Tom McGuire: Morkann's Revenge

'Exspecto, ha ha! Ego mos lucror Lindiarna, Ege mos win!' 'I will win,' she howled furiously in Latin, as her voice faded away into the horizon.

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...The Ghouls, which had often accompanied Morkann, now surrounded her more and more frequently. They were draped in long grey muslin cloths which appeared to have been spun out of spiders' webbing.

They swayed and flittered through the air, howling as they picked up momentum. Their mouths opened wide; their bloodshot eyes fumed with raging fireballs of hell. Collectively, their howling sounded like that of a hungry pack of wolves marking their prey. Once again Morkann had shown her might. She disintegrated together with her army of Ghouls into the moonlight, leaving behind a screeching sound that seemed to stretch like a path towards a hideous future.

The air was callousalt and deprived of warmth as Morkann ascended into the sky, wailing like a banshee. 'Just wait, ha ha! I will win Lindiarna, I will win I will win!' She screeched.... Exspecto, ha ha! Ego mos lucror Lindiarna, Ego mos win....' Linda gripped her boys and held them tightly. They were all shaken. Linda could their anguish.

Morkann would be back for more and that she would never surrender until she was hailed Queen of the Galaxies. Linda watched as Morkann glided to the horizon with her Ghouls following, howling, wailing and screeching,