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NABE Award Winner. Pinnacle Achivement Award 2012.alt

Best Juvenile Fiction Book. (The Dream Catcher - volume 3)

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Best Pinnacle NABE Sci-Fi Book Summer 2016 (The Last Enchantment - volume 4)

A young brave boy stumbles into a magical mystical land, which he discovers at school. Here he meets with a new friend - Jambalee. He is a loyal leader of Lupans and Dillyans that reside on the Galaxy of Oblivionara. Tom embarks on many perilous and hazardous adventures meeting creatures and beings in a parallel world. In his many encounters he also discovers his Mother's true identity.

Tom is asked to rescue gentle beings residing on a barren land, who are dominated by a ruthless tyrant sepent dragon, Typheousina. He encounters many adventures along his journey and meets with many strange characters. Jambalee is aware that Tom is Lindiarna's son; and subsequently wishes to protect and guard him from the wicked Morkann and King Polyectes. The story begins to unravel and Tom grows within the series as does his brother James. In the second novella, 'Morkann's Revenge',the boys are twelve and fourteen and in the third book,'The Dream Catcher' Tom, now a young fourteen year old and James, a mature sixteen year old. once again embark on their adventures. The third novel revolves around emotions with suspense and is action packed with the highs and lows of events which unfold. It introduces gentle romance between James and an enemy. This book may now appeal to young adult readers and adults.

I hope you all enjoy the series.

Rayner Tapia

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