About Rayner Tapia


Hello, my name is Rayner Tapia. I am an English & Computing graduate. I was born in the West Midlands. However, I now live in London, England with my wonderful family. My heroes in life begin with my Dad. I also admire the late, Mother Teresa of Calcutta for her devotion and selflessness in saving and helping so many lives. Other great leaders I am passionate about are Dr. Martin Luther King; he created equality across the world for injustice. Thank you, Dr. King. Other great leaders, I admire are Dr Benjamin Franklin, for his strength and tenacity. As well as the great Albert Einstein. Not just for his scientific or mathematical genius intelligence but for his discoveries in literature. The fact is, he really wrote some wonderful quotes of imagination. Indeed, a favurite of his literary quotes, - "Logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will get you everywhere".

I enjoy reading a multitude of books written by some classic authors, such as Roald Dahl, Gerald Durrell, H.G.Wells and the great modern author Oscar Wilde. I particularly loved his book. 'The Happy Prince'. This is a simple narrative yet exciting with its use of language and literary prose and morale. The book is very touching and in part serene, with it's excellent morale. "Wealth is not everything, happiness is everything."

My working career began in an investment bank quickly moving into training and eventually teaching IT systems to working professionals, teachers and children of all ages. Perhaps the best was teaching/training at several large corporate financial institutions in the City of London, which I found absolutely riveting and such a challenge! I have previously written many computer technical manuals, for large institutions, that I was involved with both Legal and Financial Markets. More recently my career has been in teaching at various colleges and Universities. I have also been involved in reading various poems and other short stories in children's schools. This is one of the most relaxing, rewarding jobs I ever had! My lifelong passion was to write a book that came to life. I wanted to write a book where the reader would be able to feel the characters. Perhaps, even be thrown into the story.

I hope you enjoy the story series and please send me your comments in the comments section.

Now, a multi-award winner of NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award for Best Juvenile Fiction Book 2012. The award for The Dream Catcher, is the third instalment from The Adventures of Tom McGuire. The fourth instalment. 'The Last Enchantment' is now the new Winner of NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award for Best Sci-Fi Summer 2016. Look out for my new book, MAGNIFICENT REVEAL out soon.