Tom McGuire

Name: Tom McGuire
Age: 12 ( read the books, to watch him grow in age)

Mother's Name: Linda McGuire/ Princess Lindiarna
Father's Name: Jed McGuire
Grandfather: King Cepheus
Residence: Galaxy of Oblivionarna
Sibling: James McGuire Age: 14 ( read the books, to watch him grow in age)
An Excerpt:

"Typhoeusina shuddered in gleeful anticipation of a fresh kill. He now stood still, trying to locate the scent of this new kind of victim, one that he had never tasted before. The serpents which resided upon the galaxies, ruled with such ferocity that each creature and being were frightened and scared, not knowing what or whose life would or could be cut short.

It was when the Moon of Copper Mound, shone its rays across the prairies the sorrow of all would be visible for all to see, including the great serpents which paraded the Tor. Perhaps Typhoeusina was the scariest of all the serpents, with its hundred heads, slamming and bashing the ground at random. This enormous colossal monster serpent with hundred large scaled heads, and obtrude fiery dazzling topaz eyes transfixed like a pelican crossing lamp. His breath of flames flickering sulphur air seemed to engulf the entire surrounding atmosphere as if a volcano had justerupted."

King Polyectes
character pic The evil King Polyectes father to Morkann.

The silver haired old king, who is ruthless with his piecing, slanted evil sapphire eyes. King Polyectes rules his kingdom, the galaxy of Moriadiya.
Morkann Princess of Moriadiya
character pic The evil Princess from Moriadiya comes in search to oust Lindiarna from the true throne. Who will survive? Will Morkann use all her evil demonic powers against Tom and Linda?
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