Frankfurt Book Fair 2009
Thursday, 18 November 2010
NewsRayner Tapia attended the Frankfurt Book Fair from the
14th - 18th October 2009. If you can make it she will see you there.

The long awaited International Book Fair commenced on the 14th October 2009 with the world's literary publishers and TV together with media in its realm. I attended with much anticipation of meeting a publisher or Literary Agent who would take on my following projects to continue the sequence of stories regarding Tom McGuire. I met an abundance of interested parties both from the Literary Publishing world as well as from the TV and media.

Dorothy Schultz - from ZDF German TV was most interested in reading her book as well as Books of Ireland, Sinead, thank you for your time. Zedros Books of Greece, again Thank you for consideration in translating the book into Greek and Most of all to Del Libro del Aragon of Spain, who took me under their wing and allowed me to accompany them for dinner. A thanks also goes to Maria, Christina and Elenor and Francisco Jose Vela for their hospitality and interest in The Adventures of Tom McGuire series one, The Bard of Typheousina.
I hope Elener, you enjoyed the book.

Steve from Maverick Publishing thank you for your interest in my book and thank you goes to George Scudder from Tick Tock Books Ltd for your keen interest and willingness to hear my pitch. There are many more literary personnel and companies/publishers to list, thank you to all who gave me some of their time over the busy 4 days I attended.