Latino Book Fair 2011 & Other events 2011
Tuesday, 23 November 2010
Readers are Leaders. Rayner is humble and privileged to be invited to attend the latino Book Fair prestigious event of the Latino Book Fair 2011. Look out for more information on the author Rayner Tapia

Rayner Tapia donated £200.00 worth of her new books first and second release together with book marks for a world charity AFFF(A foundation for the future). This is a London based charity helping those less fortunate to go to school. The Charity is to help those individuals from across the Caribbean.
AFFF have witnessed many children unable to read or write, and as a result has developed many projects in Caribbean communities to give education opportunities to children, by assisting with the direct costs of education, and/or the associated subsistence costs.

The first consignment has been delivered to Jamaica helping a school in St Thomas . I hope the children will enjoy the read. Here is the website should you wish to help